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ODS TURKEY is a leading Destination Management Company based in Istanbul, serving all destinations in Turkey. It is privately owned, limited company founded in 1999 by Sadik Caglar and Hasan Dinç. At the root of ODS Turkey’s successful and exciting 18-year journey lie 30 years of industry experience, a great team of people and wonderful local and international partners they are proud to call friends.

ODS is an entity continuously striving for excellence, leading them to act and reflect, to execute and improve, to inspire and be inspired in order to serve clients best. How they get things done is as important to them as getting things done. Following their long-term orientation, they avoid the quick win and prefer to attain their goals in a solid pace, always keeping in mind the soundness of their company and quality of their services.


News from Turkey...

October 2016

Wines of Turkey
14 October 2015 in London

Wines of Turkey will be bringing the largest ever number of producers together in their biggest trade and press tasting in London this October.
18 producers will show a diverse mix of over 100 wines, from large and small wineries alike, all under one roof. The event will be featuring wines made from Turkey’s many indigenous varietals, to better known international ones.
Sarah Abbott MW, who is hosting a masterclass at the tasting, comments: “In the last five years, the buzz over the quality and vibrant personality of these unique wines has been growing in the UK, helped by what we like to call the ‘Ottolenghi’ effect – the growing appreciation for the foods and drinks of the Eastern Mediterranean, and beyond. . . When selecting the wines for the masterclasses, we were hugely excited about the quality of the wines coming out of Turkey at the moment.”Abbott, who together with Peter McCombie MW, will be conducting an overview of Turkish wines during a tutored tasting of 9 wines at the event.
The following producers will be present at the tasting:
And Tunalı (Kavaklıdere), Arcadia, Barbare, Büyülübağ, Diren, Doluca, Gali, Gülor, KastroTireli, Kayra, Mozaik, Pamukkale, Paşaeli, Selendi, Sevilen, Urla, and Vinkara.
An overview of Turkish wines, grapes and regions in 9 wines.


The Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament
3-6 November, Regnum Carya

Considered the most successful golfer in history, Tiger Woods returns to Turkey for The Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament, taking place at Regnum Carya from the 3rd to 6th of November.
The Turkish Airlines Open 2016 Tournament, with one of the highest purses among Europe’s golf tournaments, will be played at Regnum Carya this year.
Tiger Woods will participate in the Tournament, which carries a $7 million purse.
The Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament, in which world renowned golfers such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Martin Kaymer and Victor Dubuisson have competed in previous years, will take place at the prestigious Carya Golf Club, the golf club of Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort.
For more info please click on www.turkishairlinesopen.com


Whirling Dervishes Festival
10-17 December, Konya

The Festival of the Whirling Dervishes commemorates the death anniversary of the 13th Century Sufi saint Mevlana, or Rumi as he was known.
Rumi believed that communication with God was possible through dance, and so was born the dance of the whirling dervishes with their swirling white flowing robes and black cloaks and conical headgear. It is a treat to watch them perform and go into trance, it is a dance where the energy flow is truly palpable.
The Mevlana Festival normally starts on 10 December and reaches its crescendo on 17 December when it ends on a spectacular note as on this day Mevlana's union with Allah is celebrated.
Over one million people descend on the conservative town of Konya to take part in the festival. Be sure you make your bookings well in advance for both the festival as well as your accommodation.
Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again, come, come.”  - Jalaluddin Rumi


Discover the underground archeologically sites of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world – and rightly so. It offers breath-taking mosques, imperial palaces, monuments, markets and bazaars, all wrapped up in Turkey’s famously warm hospitality.
Many of these sites are located around the Sultan Ahmet District, the tourist centre of the city and a hotbed of ancient history.
Nevertheless, there is a sub-level to this place; a warren of tunnels and cisterns and passages and tombs, only a small portion of which is accessible to visitors.
Underground Cistern, Botaneiates Palace Ruins, Great Palace Ruins, 1001 Colum Cistern, Seferikoz Cistern are only some of them.


The World’s First Temple, Gobeklitepe

A pre-historic site, about 15 km away from the city of Sanliurfa, South East Turkey.
What makes Gobeklitepe unique in its class is the date it was built, which is roughly twelve thousand years ago, circa 10,000 BC.
Archaeologically categorized as a site of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Period (c. 9600–7300 BC),Göbeklitepe is a series of mainly circular and oval-shaped structures set on the top of a hill. Excavations began in 1995 by Prof. Klaus Schmidt with the help of the German Archeological Institute.
There is archaeological proof that these installations were not used for domestic use, but predominantly for ritual or religious purposes. Subsequently it became apparent that Gobeklitepe consists of not only one, but many of such Stone Age temples. Furthermore, both excavations and geo magnetic results revealed that there are at least 20 installations, which in archaeological terms can be called a temple.
Based on what has been unearthed so far, the pattern principle seems to be that there are two huge monumental pillars in the centre of each installation, surrounded by enclosures and walls, featuring more pillars in those set-ups.
All pillars are T-shaped with heights changing from 3 to 6 meters. Archaeologists interpret those T-shapes as stylized human beings, mainly because of the depiction of human extremities that appear on some of the pillars. What also appears on these mystical rock statues, are carvings of animals as well as abstract symbols, sometimes picturing a combination of scenes.


Narköy Organic Farm life

Narköy is an educationally focused facility founded and providing service as a modern farm and hotel, located in Kocaeli Province.
With its 14 rooms, family and group lodging units, nomad tents, a restaurant featuring organic farm meals, indoor and outdoor classrooms, organic agricultural farming, and a magnificent forest abundant with nature’s delights, Narköy makes it possible to take part in a variety of trainings, activities and workshops, enjoy a holiday with your loved ones in the heart of nature, or to work and move projects forward with colleagues, far from the tumult of the city.
We remember and re-experience the joys of intimacy with nature, and pursue experiences that are off the beaten track at Narköy. They offer special meals prepared by “chef mom” with home-grown organic products and activities which takes you away from city life to nature.


Fairmont Quasar, Istanbul
(Opening January 2017)

Business and leisure travellers alike will experience the utmost in comfort and luxury at the Fairmont Quasar Istanbul. With an extensive range of business services for travellers who want to be productive just as much as they need to relax, and cuisine that ranges from traditional Turkish, to health-conscious, or international, guests will find just what they need for the perfect Istanbul experience.
The 209 luxury guestrooms include 25 Suites, 33 Gold Rooms with additional 64 Apartments, all elegantly designed for the discerning modern traveller.
With some views of the vibrant Istanbul skyline from the floor-to-ceiling windows, the opulent Fairmont Rooms have one king or two queen beds for quiet, elegant luxury within a bustling city. The spacious marble bathrooms have rain showers with either a bathtub or mini Turkish bath – your own sumptuous, private hamam with basin and bench.


LUX*Bodrum, Turkey Resort & Residences
(Opening Spring 2017)

Spring 2017 will see anew Five-Star Lux* Boutique Hotel opening.
On aprivate peninsula on the north coast of Turkey’s most glamorous holiday destination.
LUX* Resorts & Hotels has added a new resort to the portfolio and it gives me great pleasure to introduce LUX* Bodrum Resort & Residences, which will open on 1st of May 2017.
Set in an area of pine-clad hills dotted with sugar-cube homes and exotic landscaped gardens, LUX* Bodrum has already won a silver in A’Design Awards’ category for Architecture, Building and Structure Design. Surrounded by radiant blue Aegean waters, all of the 66 rooms and 19 chic residences at this intimate resort have spectacular panoramic sea views.


For more information,for group bookings, exclusive events and more or for any exclusive services for your groups, just contact Mr Hasan Dinç at turkey@euromic.com


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Whirling Dervishes

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