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Top 5 activities for incentives in Ljubljana...

April 2016

We would like to present you the Top 5 Activities that can be done when organizing an incentive in Ljubljana.


Treasure hunt

Ljubljana is an old city, full of small details, interesting stories and legends. If you want to find out what secrets Ljubljana is hiding, have some fun and also be competitive at it, then you have to go on a treasure hunt. Treasure hunt is perfect for groups who are adventures and like challenges. The best part at treasure hunt is that it is really flexible, as you can make almost any scenario imaginable that fits the needs and wishes of the client. It can be the hunt for the Golden Fleece, or solving a mystery case, fun and adventure are guaranteed.


Activities on Ljubljanica River

Throughout the history, Ljubljanica River has always been beside the castle hill, the most important landmark of Ljubljana. To some it offered protection, to others it was the main transport route from Vrhnika to Ljubljana. Some even used Ljubljanica River as a ritual place.
Today Ljubljanica is a perfect spot for different activities that fit different group types. For more active guests, stand up paddling, regatta race, kayaking and canoe trips can be organized. For those who prefer natural and cultural heritage experience, thematic trips to Ljubljana marshes can be organized, even fishing and bird watching is an option.



As Ljubljana just received the title of The Green Capital of Europe, one of the greenest ways of exploring Ljubljana is on a bicycle.
With creating more bicycle lanes and closing the city centre for traffic, in recent years Ljubljana has become one of the most cycling friendly cities. Because Ljubljana is a small and compact city, guests will be able to explore the whole city in one day.
All the hidden gems that are “too far” from the city centre to visit on foot, are easily reachable by a bicycle.
And what can be better than an outdoor picnic in the nature after a nice cycling tour around the city?


Balloon flights

Image the calmness of the morning, with birds singing and sun rising…
Image lifting from the ground and slowly drifting through the sky above the city that is only starting to wake up…
To the north, Alps are boasting with their pointy peaks and to the south Ljubljana marshes, covered in haze of mystery is stretching. Balloon flights could easily be named a WOW factor of Ljubljana, as the amazing feeling of the flight comes together perfectly with serenity of the setting, creating an unforgettable experience.


Culinary trips

Slovenia, being a small country, used to be considered a weakness, as it was really hard to keep all the traditions alive with big nations around, “spreading” their influence all across the country.
But Slovenes found a way to survive as a nation by accepting some of the influences and giving them their own touch.
Now Slovenia is one of the most diverse countries, not just geographically speaking, but also culturally, as almost every “village” has its own accent and its own way of preparing their traditional dish.
Ljubljana being in the centre of Slovenia, can be considered as a melting pot of cuisine, where you can find almost everything Slovenia has to offer. On a culinary trip guests will experience different tastes of different Slovenian regions, but for guests who like challenges, cooking classes can also be organized, to make the experience especially memorable.


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Treasure hunt

Activities on Ljubljanica river


Balloon flight

Cooking class