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Some Sparkles from Mexico...

June 2016

Mexico is a country full of history, culture and magic. It has the largest number of World Heritage Sites. Ancient civilizations have left amazing cities throughout the territory such as Monte Alban, Teotihuacán, Palenque, Tajín, Chichén Itzá and Tulum - All of which can be visited to the present day. Mexico's full of wonderful cities with historic centers and monuments, which allow tourists to submerge themselves in Mexico’s unique culture.

Its location allows a wide range of climates to translate into biodiversity and gastronomy. Mexico has a large number of species of animals and flowers, such as the whale sanctuary of el Vizcaino and the Monarch Butterfly, which migrates to Michoacán every year.

There are endless possibilities for adventure such as the Huasteca Potosina; an ecological paradise with river rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, and the diving hole, media luna. Snorkeling is also possible at the world’s second largest coral reef in Cozumel, as well as other extreme sports.

Regarding gastronomy, hundreds of traditional dishes give tourists a taste of what Mexico can offer. Mexican cuisine is a cultural model, which considers farming, planting, harvesting, ritual practices, and ancestral customs and manners. The Mexican gastronomy is considered a cultural heritage of humanity.

Mexico offers a great variety of arts and crafts made by the indigenous that reflects an accumulation of all their knowledge since ancient times. Some ethnic groups are distinguished by their colorful clothing, their special embroidery, and sculptures; some are a beautiful memory of the mining wealth, like silver items and gold jewelry.

The main destinations in Mexico include:


Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya extends along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula, offering the very best high-end luxury resorts, fine dining, nightlife and spa retreats. Beautiful beaches with powdery white sand and clear turquoise water can be found throughout this part of the country, as well as Chichen Itzá and Tulum.



This wonderful location is rich in history and culture. It’s a fascinating destination with archeological sites such as Monte Alban and Mitla, and a place where colonial art and vibrant cultural traditions can be appreciated. Oaxaca also offers amazing recipes, which have been passed from generation to generation.


Mexico City

It is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. The city has many must-see attractions such as the Historic Centre, the Zocalo, the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor, the Palace of the Fine Arts, the National Museum of Anthropology and other well-known museums all around. All this along with an exciting variety of recognized restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.


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Monarch butterfly

Vizcaino sanctuary

Coral reef Cozumel


Huichol art


Costums from Oaxaca

Palace of fine arts