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Winter in Israel - Sun and Fun!

February 2017

The winter in Israel is very mild and even more so in the Dead Sea and Eilat on the Red Sea. Average temperatures in these two destinations are: February +20 C. March +23 C, April +24 C. In Eilat and the Dead Sea there are an average of 5 rainy days a year.


The Dead Sea

The lowest point on Earth is 380 meters under sea level and it is the largest natural spa in the world. The Dead Sea attracts vacationers from around the world who come to enjoy the thermo-mineral springs, in Dead Sea water, the bromine-saturated air and of course a float in the salty waters is a must! Don’t forget your mobiles to upload the pictures on social media!

If staying in the Dead Sea, a day tour to Jerusalem – the capital of Israel and home of the 3 most important religions, is a very spiritual experience.


The most southern point of Israel on the Red Sea - known to be the place where the sun takes its winter holiday. It is a sun and fun destination. One can either sun bath and have the sun bronze one’s body or have an active vacation. Water sports activities, snorkeling or diving in the amazing underwater world, jeep safaris, cruising, jet skis, bananas, parasailing – you name it and Eilat has it.

For excursions one can do a day tour to the Dead Sea which is just 2, 5 hours' drive away for a day tour.

And for the shoppers - Eilat is also a tax free zone and is great for shopping.


Tel Aviv

For the party lovers, who want to enjoy the nightlife the surprise of basking in the sun is an added bonus.


The sun is waiting for you. For more information please contact us at

Tel Aviv

Float in The Dead Sea

Natural Mud treatment in the Dead Sea

Eilat - Water sport activity

Eilat - Water sport activity

The Amazing Under water world in Eilat