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5+1 Historical Event Venues in Cyprus

July 2017

Kouklia Village is located just outside Paphos and is built where the ancient city of Palepaphos used to be. The beautifully structured Medieval Manor by the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, in Palepaphos is the perfect venue for gala dinners. It enhances the rich culture and history of the island by bringing a traditional unique dining experience to life. Within the manor, one can find a mosaic floor, metal instruments, jewelry, glazed pottery, and many more historical artifacts. The manor’s courtyard is a place where feasts were held by kings and lords for over one thousand years.

Ancient Kourion, with its beautiful amphitheater and mosaics, was an ancient city called Kingdom of Cyprus. It is located on the West coast of Limassol, considered to be one of the most famous ancient attractions. The Kingdom was built during the 2nd Century B.C., and it gives people the opportunity to see the beautiful ancient mosaic floors, mansions, and yards. A cocktail reception can take place overlooking the majestic amphitheater, which has an extraordinary view towards the Mediterranean. In addition to the cocktail reception, an ancient-themed awards ceremony can take place at the theatre that is still in use today.

Famagusta Gate, initially known as Porta Giuliana, is the largest and most impressive of all three gates of the Venetian walls surrounding the old historical city of Nicosia. The gate is the core of the cultural capital. It consists of an impressive façade with two halls, each having a capacity of 200 people and a large vaulted passage. Any event at the Famagusta Gate is a magnificent and unique occasion that enhances the senses.

Another excellent cultural venue for a cocktail gala is the Castle of Limassol, which dates back to the Medieval Period and is found at the heart of the historical center of the city. The castle constitutes a landmark of the area since it is surrounded by traditional taverns and restaurants. Events at the Castle of Limassol are filled with a special, historical and traditional atmosphere that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Situated on the edge of its scenic harbor is the Medieval Castle of Paphos. It was originally a byzantine fort built to protect the harbor, and is still considered to be one of the hallmarks of Paphos region today. The front of the castle is a magical place to have a cultural gala dinner. It has a perfect view of the Medieval Castle, which is connected to the picturesque harbor by an arched bridge. One of the best things about this venue is the breathtaking view of the sea from the top of the Castle. The Medieval Castle itself becomes the stage once a year for the Paphos Opera.

A visit to Cyprus would not be complete without a sunset cocktail by Aphrodite's rock. Legend has it that the goddess of love and beauty was born from the foam at that very spot. The scenic location is situated between cosmopolitan Limassol and the charming coastal town of Paphos, a few miles off from the ancient sanctuary of the goddess which was worshipped on the island since antiquity.


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Medieval Manor

Ancient Kourion

Famagusta Gate

Castle of Limassol

Castle of Paphos

Aphrodite's Rock