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Craft Beer Tours with Destination China...

December 2016

When one thinks of Craft Beer Tastings, China is not the first location that comes to mind, but you will be surprised by how quickly the Craft Brewing scene is developing in China and the wide range of options available. It is a great fun way for guests to spend the mid-morning to mid-afternoon, afternoon or evening. So check out the Craft Brew Tours in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong with Destination China. So join the DC Brew Crew…

The popularity of Craft Beers in Beijing is most obviously represented by the holding of its own Craft Beer Festival (next year 9-12th March 2017)… Craft Breweries and Bars have popped up all over the capital city and lured a thirsty hop-loving crowd. Destination China have bar hopped to select the choicest of venues for the perfect Craft Beer Tour that lets you take on the city – one beer at a time!

Shanghai boasts a number of top quality microbreweries and craft beers venues pandering to city folks’ thirst for beer. The Shanghainese love for beer can equally be recognized by the many beer-related events held in this city including The China Craft Beer Conference & Exhibition, Shanghai Beer Week and Beernanza festival. The Destination China team were spoilt for choice when constructing the ultimate Craft Beer Tour of this fair city.

Hong Kong has fallen in love with craft beer. Never before have there been so many good beers available in the city: local brews you can't get anywhere else in the world, plus imported tipples with assertive, unfamiliar flavours. The Beertopia beer festival is a popular annual event located in the prime position along Victoria harbourfront. Destination China’s Hong Kong team has bar hopping Hong Kong style to find the craftiest beer venues.

Destination China’s Craft Beer Tours are planned by walking and using public transport allowing guests to get a real city experience. In Beijing there’s an opportunity to enhance the tour by journeying on vintage motorbikes with sidecar - a great fun way to see the city. We can make the ride between your venues a short 15 minute trip, or a longer 30-45 minute ride taking in some of the local sites.

Sample Tours:


Beijing Beer Bonanza

Stop 1: Panda Brew Pub
A locally-owned and operated bar, the Panda Brew Pub is run by a young Chinese brew master Pan Dinghao who went to university in Canada and learned the art of brewing at the Muskoka Brewery in Ontario Canada. Taking that knowledge and a few years Beijing brewing experience, Panda has grown in size and popularity from being the self-proclaimed "smallest brew pub in Beijing", to the massive, two-story brewery and pub. We’ll be serving some bar snacks to start with your first selection of beers.

Stop 2: Slow Boat Brew Pub
Making use of Beijing’s metro system you will head to the famous bar area, Sanlitun, to hunt for Slow Boat’s flagship brewpub. After hiding in plain site with its taproom for a long time, the Slow Boat’s Brewpub found the perfect place to call home. With a roof garden that has a 270-degree view of the surrounding area, including Workers’ Stadium and Taikoo Li, this is a great place to continue your investigation and analysis of Beijing’s locally brewed beers. All beers are brewed on site using 18 tanks with a current annual capacity of 2,200 barrels or 550,000 pints – so there’s little chance of a beer drought here!

On foot your guide will take you for a short stroll along Gongtibei Lu onwards to find one of the latest bar and dining hotspots in Beijing. It’s a popular area with an abundance of bar and restaurants including Beijing’s best Salsa venue and a cocktail bar venue – Janes and Hooch – that is prominent in many Best Cocktail Bar listings both locally and internationally. But we digress… let’s keep on the hop trail!

Stop 3: Jing-A Taproom
Jing-A Taproom is the brainchild of Kris and Alex, two North American guys and long-time Beijingers with a passion for great beer. One cold day in January 2012, they decided to homebrew a hop-forward American IPA to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year.
The result, which they named “Hoppy New Year” was surprisingly good, and friends quickly finished off the batch and called for more. The two realized then that the only thing better than drinking full flavoured, handcrafted beer is brewing it for others. And so began their dream — to make creative and delicious ales and lagers with only the best ingredients for craft beer fans here in the ‘Jing.
Their flagship bar and restaurant offers more than a dozen beers on tap, including the full range Jing-A‘s core beers, their seasonal and experimental brews, and a selection of guest beers and ciders. Jing’A Taproom’s “beer tasting boards” for the opportunity to try a good selection of beers and an opportunity to compare and judge – the guests can refuel with some great food from the menu of delicious pub favourites… many with a beer related twist.


The Shanghai Shuffle

Stop 1: Liquid Laundry
Starting at the Liquid Laundry, a popular gastro-pub which has a fully-functional brewery and up to a dozen fresh brews on tap. The names are as varied and interesting as the beers with favourites including the Puxi Patrol Porter, The Workday IPA, Mandarin Wheat and Sleepless in Saison. There are also some internationals to make up the numbers.  While you are tasting a brew or two, we’ll arrange some snacks for you such as wood fired oven pizza’s and duck nuggets (a favourite with the regulars). If your guests really enjoy it they can come back at night when the crowd is bigger and the buzzing vibe of DJs playing “accessible hip hop and house” that heightens the atmosphere.

Stop 2: Shanghai Brewery
Just a few steps around the corner and you are at the Shanghai Brewery… A completely different style of venue. This is also a popular micro-brewery, restaurant, and pub with in-house beers that include their Strawberry Lime Cider, People’s Pilsner, West River Weizen, North Star IPA and Black Eyed Bear Stout. It can best be described as having a fusion of an art-deco and industrial chic in its design. For regulars, it is more of popular after-work hang out.

Stop 3: Auntie’s Beer House
Next is not a pub or a microbrewery but a bottle shop with personality - Auntie’s Beer House-Haifu Convenience Store which you’ll reach via a short metro journey from Shanghai Brewery. Zhang Yindi, the 52 year old owner who goes by the name “Auntie Beer” speaks very little English, but everyone seems at home here. By picking your international favourites you’ll be able to compare them to the local brews you have experienced at the previous stops.

Stop 4: Time 12
Just a 5 minute walk from Aunties Beer House is the opportunity to soak up the beers with some delicious Chinese BBQ at Time 12. Hearing the name of shaokao, might be something new for foreigners, but is something we who live in China are very familiar with and that overseas Chinese and expats who have returned home miss a lot. Shaokao simply translated are Chinese skewers which can include anything from pork, chicken, lamb, fish to mushroom, vegetables and tofu… so you get to pair some local fare with the international beer of your choice – the perfect finale to your tour.


Hong Kong On The Hop

Stop 1: Little Creatures
Born out of a love affair with hoppy beers and founded among the creative, free-thinking culture of Fremantle, Western Australia, Little Creatures Brewing is a flavour-loving brewery. Just like the Hong Kong craft beer community, they’re dedicated to crafting distinctive, well balanced beers that are inspired by the creativity and individuality of the brewers – and so they brought it to Hong Kong’s Kennedy Town, where locals and expats are enjoying this new addition to their locale.
Little Creatures Pale Ale is a hop driven, full bodied and refreshing Pale Ale bursting with flavour and aroma.

Stop 2: Tipping Point
Our next stop is a visit to the Tipping Point which brews its own beers onsite in the bar on the popular Wyndham Street, Central. Tipping Point boasts an eclectic selection of beers on tap and an ever-changing list of bottled craft beers from around the world. They offer two of their own beers on tap: the Tipping Hazel Nut Brown Ale and the Tipping Point Pale Ale.
The bar is located on street level and soon gets busy in the evenings with beer fans and also upstairs you’ll find lower tables for drinking and dining with their own beer taps to pour straight from the barrel.

Stop 3: The Globe
The tour ends with a beer pairing with food at The Globe – a bar that holds the largest selection of beers in Hong Kong. They offer a tailored tutored beer tasting with experts. Topy Cooper the Managing Director of The Globe and a member of the Craft Beer Association of Hong Kong – is a regular panel judge for beer tastings in Hong Kong and is dedicated to ‘spread the gospel’ of craft beer.
The Globe is a very popular venue in Hong Kong situated in the SoHo area amidst a circuit of a multitude of dining establishments and easy walking distance to the heady nightlife district of Lan Kwai Fong.
Chef Patrick Barrett is also a huge attraction to locals and visitors with a great menu that goes beyond gastropub. Depending on your chosen start time The Globe is the perfect dining stop on the tour for lunch or dinner and a menu can be devised to pare with the beers selected or you can delve in to one of their famous pies!


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Beijing - Panda Brew Pub

Shanghai Beer Week

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Beijing - Panda Brew Pub Interior

Beijing - Panda Brew Pub Interior

Beijing - Slow Boat Brew Pub

Beijing - Slow Boat Brew Pub

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Beijing Craft Beer Festival

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Shanghai - Shanghai Brewery

Shanghai - Auntie's Beer House

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